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Eating provenance while traveling

We are trying to maintain our goal of eating/drinking only things where we can trace 100% of the ingredients to the source during our stay in Maui. The first night didn’t go so well. But we’ve always said it is a process and a journey. We aren’t looking for a diet, but a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This is also not some sort of high moral pursuit or crusade, so a hunger strike is also not appropriate.

Okay, that’s it for excuses. We’ll be better today.

Eating provenance on Holiday- day one fail from foodtree on Vimeo.

Follow the OceanGybe Crew as they explore the impact of plastics on our oceans

Join Taina on her year without plastic

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  1. Taina #

    Good luck over there- home-grown projects are always more of a challenge abroad it seems. And thanks for the shout out! Ocean Gybe Ryan and I will be sure to drink a non-plastic beer for you tonight.

    February 10, 2010
  2. Michele Vitale #

    Ciao Anthony!we’re online with a pre-beta, at last.Check out where you’ll find people (like you I guess) who think that a crooked zucchini (from the the farmer), maybe ugly to look at, tastes mostly better than a beautiful, straight and glittering zucchini, (by the way, but why the fruit at the supermarket glitters like that? God knows!)

    February 16, 2010

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